finding sea glass

I’m celebrating National Poetry Month by writing and reading poetry, every day. My poetry project is grows out of a list of things that make me happy. I made this list on the 30th of March.

I decided to try a golden shovel poem for the twenty-first idea on my list, finding sea glass.

Salty and fresh waters can mine one
discarded bottle into gemstones. Evidence of man’s
presence over hundreds of years, the tumbled trash
become frosted. Collected. Set in bracelets. The jewel is
placed in a jar, on a shelf, and admired. Serving another
human need. Beauty. The joy of the find honors man’s
time spent scouring for pink and blue treasure.

day 21, national poetry month, 2021

3 thoughts on “finding sea glass

  1. I have one necklace of a piece of sea glass I bought at a craft show so long ago I can’t remember. I think it would be such a find while walking along a beach. Trash to treasure offered up by the sea.

  2. I have always loved sea glass. So this poem resonates for me. I have some earrings crafted from the lovely sea foam blue colored variety. We are in Maine for the summer, but not much sea glass to be found then. Also grew up on Long Island near the Sound and on occasion the ocean. I collected shells, seastars and driftwood, but not sea glass and now I yearn for a pretty bottle to remind me of the love I had in childhood. There are gifts to be found in the smallest moments. I love how you took that striking line and your poem….
    Janet Clare F.

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