exchanging books with a friend

I’m celebrating National Poetry Month by writing and reading poetry, every day. My poetry project is grows out of a list of things that make me happy. I made this list on the 30th of March.

The twenty-fourth one on my list is

The twenty-fourth one on my list is exchanging books with a friend.

loaning a beloved book
is an invitation to
coffee and ink stained
potentially too personal pages

when reciprocated
a shared compass
a bound friendship

day 24, national poetry month 2021

2 thoughts on “exchanging books with a friend

  1. My recent happiness has tempered my current great sadness — dissolving my classroom, and especially my classroom library. I found just the right home for my books, where they will be curated and loved and in the hands of children, and that makes me SO happy.

    • I know how you feel! The classroom library is the heart of my classroom. So much so I brought it home when we were all virtual. It has gone back but I still bring books home for my kiddos online.

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