SOLC22, Day 1: Hello Old Friend(s)

It’s been quite a while since we’ve talked. I have thought of you. Wondered if you were a thing of my past.

But here we are.

March again. Offering up the opportunity to join a month of daily writing with other like-minded souls who are willing to share a moment with others. who in turn, comment and conjure their own piece to share. A sort of potluck.

That said, potlucks have always scared me. Setting out my bowl next to the other lovely casseroles and cookies. Will my dish be untouched? Not enough of something. Unworthy of a try. That same feeling bubbles up with every slice. A bit of fear surrounds the publish button. An oh-what-will they-think dread. And yet, here I go for a ninth year. Another go at sharing the joys, sillies, disappointments, and general reflections that pop up daily. I am looking forward to reading yours. Thank you all.

And, thank you, Two Writing Teachers for being there for so many years. What a tremendous gift you bring to all of us looking to make connections and some sense of this world.