SOLC22, Day 1: Hello Old Friend(s)

It’s been quite a while since we’ve talked. I have thought of you. Wondered if you were a thing of my past.

But here we are.

March again. Offering up the opportunity to join a month of daily writing with other like-minded souls who are willing to share a moment with others. who in turn, comment and conjure their own piece to share. A sort of potluck.

That said, potlucks have always scared me. Setting out my bowl next to the other lovely casseroles and cookies. Will my dish be untouched? Not enough of something. Unworthy of a try. That same feeling bubbles up with every slice. A bit of fear surrounds the publish button. An oh-what-will they-think dread. And yet, here I go for a ninth year. Another go at sharing the joys, sillies, disappointments, and general reflections that pop up daily. I am looking forward to reading yours. Thank you all.

And, thank you, Two Writing Teachers for being there for so many years. What a tremendous gift you bring to all of us looking to make connections and some sense of this world.

21 thoughts on “SOLC22, Day 1: Hello Old Friend(s)

  1. I feel the exact same way with nerves, especially when my posts stray more to my quirks (I write as my cat at times!) And there are days when a post will get few to no comments, but it may be because of the timing for my post or the sentence before my link wasn’t eye catching. But it is still worth getting something out there and the sense of accomplishment:) I am on my 7th year now and I agree that this website and 31 days is a treasure

  2. So good to see and hear from you, Julieanne. So many changes. So many anxieties as I push that “publish” button. Is my slice worthy? What does it say about the writerly me?

  3. Welcome back! I so know how you feel, but I hope you know that your words have meaning and are important. Thank you for sharing them today. See you around this month!

  4. Hello dear friend! It is so good to see you here. I love the image of all our slices as a potluck, each slice a dish we’re adding to the table. That switch to writing from myself to sharing writing with others is always a bit daunting in March–especially when I haven’t been publishing much or at all. But I’m glad we decided to join in again. I am so looking forward to reading all of your words this month.

    • So good to wake up your comment! It is a switch to a ‘public’ mode. I can’t just have chips for dinner as I watch a Netflix series. I’m providing for someone else’s consumption! But what a lovely switch it is.

  5. HELLO!!!! So happy to see, despite your hesitations, that you are here! Your comparison of this challenge to a pot luck allowed me to understand better why this is a heavier lift for you. Seeing your name took me back to meeting you in person at NYC. To virtually working with you to present with Avi at NCTE. And now for 31 days, I can meet you through your slices! It’s going to be a GREAT month! Thanks for taking the plunge again!

  6. Oh, potluck is a good metaphor. I am so ready to taste the variety of things offered. And the good thing is that you can try as many things as you wish. I am glad you are here. Happy Writing!

  7. I too like your metaphor of a potluck. I look at it more as a chance to try someone else’s recipe and dig into all the ingredients and technique. If someone reads mine, that’s just icing on the cake.

  8. Hi old friend! I love the potluck metaphor as it is so accurate! I am so looking forward to reading your words this month!

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