SOLC22, day 5: Super powers needed

One of my favorite parts of the day is our community circle.

Every day I pose a question. Would you rather have super sight or super hearing was a favorite this week. Do you want kids when you grow up was decidedly cringeworthy until I assured them that grown up is a long way away. The answers provide connections between students and understanding. Even the silly questions can offer a peek into a person’s heart.

Friday’s question was simply, how are you doing. I prefaced it by saying that you need to listen carefully so that you can not only know what your classmates are feeling, but possibly reach out to them if they are having a difficult time. Know that everything offered is given with the understanding that you hold their thoughts with care. Of course this is always the case but especially with this question. Many were good, ok, fine. Then there was

I’m tired
I’m anxious
voiced by a several people.

The reasons for each were specific for that child. Each explanation showing a window into their emotional state.

My students are resilient beings. Doing all they can; overcoming the daily obstacles of their school life. Yet, sometimes they rumble inside with something that could break them. The troubles can come up where you least expect it.

The heartbreaking news of Katie Meyer popped up on my newsfeed the day I asked my students this question, and I couldn’t help but make a connection. Our stars, our beautiful developing children have pressures on them we often do not see. A seemingly small thing to me, may be seen as monumental to child. Always having a child’s perspective in mind is crucial.

I can’t make their worries go away, but how I offer support could help.

I think I need super hearing and super sight, so I can hear and see how my students’ perceive their world.