SOLC 22, day 8: cat battles

I have a thing about making my bed in the morning.
My cat has a thing about sleeping as late as possible on my bed.
Some days I can make the bed without disturbing him.
But yesterday,
I walked in with about 5 minutes till I had to leave and find him
on top of both the comforter and the sheets.

If I want to make the bed, he has to move.
Doing his best to deter me, he finds a particularly adorable position.
One that signals, how could you possibly…

I am not fooled.
Clear cat manipulation, I tell myself as I pull, tug and nudge.
Grudgingly he is forced to move.
Signaling his intense displeasure, he gives me his backside.

Undeterred, I continue.
I know I’ve got him.
With a few adjustments, mission accomplished.
He surveys the damage, and

takes control of his new domain.
As if it was his idea all along.