SOLC 22, day 8: cat battles

I have a thing about making my bed in the morning.
My cat has a thing about sleeping as late as possible on my bed.
Some days I can make the bed without disturbing him.
But yesterday,
I walked in with about 5 minutes till I had to leave and find him
on top of both the comforter and the sheets.

If I want to make the bed, he has to move.
Doing his best to deter me, he finds a particularly adorable position.
One that signals, how could you possibly…

I am not fooled.
Clear cat manipulation, I tell myself as I pull, tug and nudge.
Grudgingly he is forced to move.
Signaling his intense displeasure, he gives me his backside.

Undeterred, I continue.
I know I’ve got him.
With a few adjustments, mission accomplished.
He surveys the damage, and

takes control of his new domain.
As if it was his idea all along.

13 thoughts on “SOLC 22, day 8: cat battles

  1. Love this slice of cat! Jeff makes the bed most days and complains about how Fancy plays in the covers.

  2. You knew how quickly I would be drawn to this post! And of course I thought about Ramona as I was reading and was glad to see hers as the first comment. He is a beautiful cat, and the photos are perfect. I very much enjoyed the careful construction of this slice as the two of you have a battle of wills of sorts, and of course he thinks he ultimately won.

  3. Love this! Our furry overlords do not like to be disturbed. My cat’s favorite game is to attack the sheets frantically when I try to make my bed, and to be made right into the bed.

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