SOLC22, day 10 – 17 things I’m trying to get to

Too often I find myself living life with the next step in mind. I know when I’m doing it.
I find myself thinking, when will I get to the part I want to get to?

Sadly, when I get to where I want to be, I don’t savor the moment. The next thing bares down and I forget to appreciate where I am.

I’m working on it.
Perhaps by naming things or times I want to get to, I’ll be more aware when I’m there.
In no particular order, here are 17 things (there are more) that I am trying to get to.

reading the Sunday Times with a full pot of coffee.
morning coffee with a friend
walking along the coast
listening to a student
shopping with my daughter
reading a new book in the morning
reading student writing
traveling to a place I’ve never been
visiting a museum
talking with my children
writing letters to a pen pal
sitting in the garden
sleeping in
watching a movie with my husband
working with a student
eating summer fruit
swimming in the ocean