SOLC22, day 10 – 17 things I’m trying to get to

Too often I find myself living life with the next step in mind. I know when I’m doing it.
I find myself thinking, when will I get to the part I want to get to?

Sadly, when I get to where I want to be, I don’t savor the moment. The next thing bares down and I forget to appreciate where I am.

I’m working on it.
Perhaps by naming things or times I want to get to, I’ll be more aware when I’m there.
In no particular order, here are 17 things (there are more) that I am trying to get to.

reading the Sunday Times with a full pot of coffee.
morning coffee with a friend
walking along the coast
listening to a student
shopping with my daughter
reading a new book in the morning
reading student writing
traveling to a place I’ve never been
visiting a museum
talking with my children
writing letters to a pen pal
sitting in the garden
sleeping in
watching a movie with my husband
working with a student
eating summer fruit
swimming in the ocean

16 thoughts on “SOLC22, day 10 – 17 things I’m trying to get to

  1. I can relate to this “thinking ahead” to the next step. In a tough day, it’s what can I look forward to for dinner? In a tough week, it’s what am I buying/seeing/doing on Saturday? In a tough school year, it’s when is the next trip/weekend away/vacation, etc.? But thank you for the reminder to live in the moments today. Doing so over coffee right now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Saying things out loud or writing them down makes it more likely to happen. Your lis tis filled with many good things. I hope you get each one of them!

  3. This makes me think of a bucket list. Every summer, I sit down with my oldest son (the other 2 are too young!) and we make a summer bucket list. Your list reminded me of this! I love setting these goals and it’s fun to check them off when completed! I also think by writing them down it holds you accountable!

    • Accountability is big. Writing things down is making a commitment of sorts. If you don’t set those goals, time just slips away! So wonderful you do this with your kids.

  4. I am so fond of a list post. (Bookmarking this one for later in the month because I also often have 17 things I’m trying to get to). I have a vision of myself at some time in the future being the kind of person who settles down with coffee and the Sunday Times to read. That time might be retirement, but still, I dream!

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