SOLC22 – day 12: choices

This morning, I went to a morning swim workout. It is ridiculously early. But I do it. Not just for the obvious exercise component, but for the time it allows my brain to rest. The coach gives the workout and my body does the work.

There is a certain luxury in doing without thinking. I don’t have to decide what’s next or how long or why.

The rest of my day requires choice. And this is also a great luxury that I have based on where I was born and what skin I was born in. I try to never forget this and operate in ways that acknowledge and give back.

Having choice is a gift.

On Monday, our school district is giving students the choice to mask or not mask inside. In the words of the district and the CDC, it is still “strongly recommended” to mask but not required. Choice.

This morning my lane-mate asked what would I do. Mask or no. I knew what I personally preferred. But, for a brief moment I felt pressure to be with the group. And that feeling made my choice so easy.

“I’ll mask. It’s a no brainer.” I said. “First, because I think it is wise. But, more importantly to support those children who feel they want to mask, but are fearful of being different,” I said.

My swim mates agreed that it seemed the best choice. And we continued on doing what we were told.

Sometimes it is a gift to be told what to do.