SOLC22 – day14: shoots of hope

My husband is always mucking about in the garden. A few months back he transplanted four young fruit trees, from the side of the house to the back. Each one planted outside our bedroom windows

They were young. We worried for them. Last month during a warm spell, three burst into bloom.

The apricot tree showed no signs of life. Every time I passed it, I’d have to lean away to dodge it’s wide reach. It’s branches reached out into the pathway giving me a scratch as I walked by. Reminding me it was there.

I hadn’t been by in a few days. Had forgotten about it. Until yesterday. It gave us a surprise.

Shoots of green.

Poking out from every limb was resilience. Life came through when we least expected it. Hope came to our apricot tree.

8 thoughts on “SOLC22 – day14: shoots of hope

  1. What a treat to have fresh fruit in your backyard.
    Hope in a few years they’ll start bearing yummy eats.

  2. You capture hope so well here. So many of my trees look dead, especially my lilac in the front. But it is with resilience – the perfect word choice – they will change and show life. Plants are amazing. Just like people…and we hope on. Thanks for letting me read about nature through your post and ponder the ways nature is a metaphor for other things. I think I needed the reminder. Especially since it snowed 3 inches unexpectedly here in VA on Saturday. My trees and bulbs are definitely needing to show resilience this March. As am I.

  3. A perfect post today! Testament to the resilience of the spirit – of plants, of people. I bought a little turkey fig tree off the scratch and dent clearance cart at Home Depot in 2008, and it has thrived and produced figs for years, even when other friends’ fig trees have not produced in certain years. It’s thrilling to see the green shoot of life on your apricot tree. The bees will be thrilled, and I am, too. You inspire me to want to plant more fruit trees this year.

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