SOLC 22: day 15, rays of light

My plants soak up the last bits of the sun before I close the door on them. Outside daylight is waiting. Sneaky thing. Tricking me into thinking I have more time, when I have less.

I walk past an after school group of first graders. They are migrating from their school rooms to the playground. Shinny backpacks and bouncing pony tails, they march off. Two boys trail behind. Their clandestine conversation is capped off with arms flung over each other’s shoulders.

Coming around the corner, I recognize a boy from the morning line up. His shoulders move in a way that makes you take notice. He picks up his black backpack (no super heroes for him) and swaggers off to meet his group.

Energy pulsates out of each child. They are brimming with it. I envy these supercharged beings. Even though are beholden to schedules dictated to them, they radiate light.

Inspired by Megan’s post, I looked for the rays of light in my day.