SOLC22: day 16, travel with a touch

A few weeks ago this photo of Monet’s garden, taken in July of 2019, was showcased on my daily photo “for you” feed. I made it my screen saver, and time I look at it, I travel back to Monet’s garden.

Scrolling through shots of the garden today, I came upon this one.

The overcast, rainy day allowed the green take center stage. The blue grey thistle balls, the pink purple dianthus blooms float above the water lilies. Willows drape down in the background. The dark green pond reflection is broken by intermittent rain drops.

Something about the sky, even on that overcast day, took your breath away.

Travel was so doable. Now, I’m grateful for the photos on my phone that allow trips with a touch.

What trips can you take on your camera roll?