SOLC22: day 16, travel with a touch

A few weeks ago this photo of Monet’s garden, taken in July of 2019, was showcased on my daily photo “for you” feed. I made it my screen saver, and time I look at it, I travel back to Monet’s garden.

Scrolling through shots of the garden today, I came upon this one.

The overcast, rainy day allowed the green take center stage. The blue grey thistle balls, the pink purple dianthus blooms float above the water lilies. Willows drape down in the background. The dark green pond reflection is broken by intermittent rain drops.

Something about the sky, even on that overcast day, took your breath away.

Travel was so doable. Now, I’m grateful for the photos on my phone that allow trips with a touch.

What trips can you take on your camera roll?

7 thoughts on “SOLC22: day 16, travel with a touch

  1. I’ve been traveling a lot through my camera roll lately because 10 years ago I took several trips that now show up on my 10-years-ago today feed. I’ve revisited Panama, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico so far, and I think Venezuela is coming up soon. This is a great idea for a slice! I might be borrowing this for inspiration soon.

  2. Travelling through a camera roll – what a lovely idea. I am doing time travelling – looking at the photos of spring and summer while waiting the warmth and colours to arrive.

  3. That paragraph under the last picture is so poetic that I want to play around with those words to create one! I love the idea of a “trip with a touch.” This makes me want to go back and look at my beach pictures!

  4. You should turn your prose into poetry. I love those photos. I just looked at my phone photos for a break and it made a video of my two grandboys over the years. So sweet that these two will never know life without each other.

  5. Love the photos and the descriptions. 💜
    I’ve been reminiscing on the days of travel too. The last trip I took that wasn’t in Korea or the US was to Thailand back in October 2019. Sigh…those were the days.

  6. I loved this slice so much–and that bottom photo! Magical! I am so grateful for the travel I’m able to do through my camera roll. I especially love looking at photos of my happiest place–Yachats in Oregon. But any place with water will do!

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