SOLC22: day 19, the plan for now

The sky matches my morning mood. Moments of sunshine break through, then the sky turns off the light. Blue peeks out under a cloud then is misted over to grey. Back and forth. And so goes my mood.

My answer to what are you going to do today is met with, I’m not sure. So far, it has been filled with bursts of tidying followed by stretches of sitting with coffee and a book. Drowsiness takes hold and I fight the urge to nap with another cup of tea.

My body is fighting with my desire to get Saturday going.

Oh for the lost hour.

Even though I know I’ll be used to the earlier wake ups by next week, I resent the change. From the dark mornings to the annoying process of remembering how to change the time on the microwave, I hate the switch.

I walk outside to visit our fruit trees, each in a stage of regeneration. Our red wheel barrel has found a new home between them. A chair nearby invites and I make peace with my waring self. There is no need to do. Sitting in the sun that is currently shinning in the moment is the plan for now.