SOLC22: day 23, in this room

I’d been thinking about writing about a room since I read Margaret Simon’s “The Living Room” post. Today I spent the end of the day in a this favorite room.

In this room with an open door,
the backyard radiating late light,
a soft breeze wafts in.

In this room with family photos,
the bookshelves housing stories,
a contented cat sleeps.

In this room with plants in every corner,
the wind chime mixing melodies,
birds join in.

In this room with laundry-filled baskets,
the worries winding down,
rice steams.

In this room with the clock’s relentless tick,
the miss-matched beside lighting,
a quiet darkness falls.

In this room with windows all around,
an owl’s hooting presence,
and I find peace.