SOLC22: day 26,

5 things that made me smile
The joy my students had in science making and playing straw kazoos. Now they have new ways of annoying their siblings.

The thought of having a concert with straw kazoos.

A facetime call from my daughter about her students, about new episodes of Bridgerton and more about her students.

How much my students noticed in a piece of “non objective” art as a prelude to their Friday art inspired by Marcia Beckett. A fantastic ending to a long week.

Watching a student, ponytail bouncing, skip off at the end of the day.

4 words to describe my week
Scattered Surprising Successful Moments

3 plans for the weekend
Sleep in on Sunday
Finish a book
Write… something

2 things I learned this week
Students always rise when you listen attentively.
There is always enough time to listen.

1 goal for the weekend
Do yoga. (I have let this go too long!)


I found this format, as I have found so many, on Elisabeth Ellington‘s blog. She has been my teacher in this year’s challenge. Thank you, friend. You are always a good read and an inspiration.