SOLC22: day 26,

5 things that made me smile
The joy my students had in science making and playing straw kazoos. Now they have new ways of annoying their siblings.

The thought of having a concert with straw kazoos.

A facetime call from my daughter about her students, about new episodes of Bridgerton and more about her students.

How much my students noticed in a piece of “non objective” art as a prelude to their Friday art inspired by Marcia Beckett. A fantastic ending to a long week.

Watching a student, ponytail bouncing, skip off at the end of the day.

4 words to describe my week
Scattered Surprising Successful Moments

3 plans for the weekend
Sleep in on Sunday
Finish a book
Write… something

2 things I learned this week
Students always rise when you listen attentively.
There is always enough time to listen.

1 goal for the weekend
Do yoga. (I have let this go too long!)


I found this format, as I have found so many, on Elisabeth Ellington‘s blog. She has been my teacher in this year’s challenge. Thank you, friend. You are always a good read and an inspiration.

10 thoughts on “SOLC22: day 26,

  1. I really like this format. Yours is the second post I read today that used this. “There is always enough time to listen.” How I wish more people would take this to heart.

  2. super cool format! love sending kids home with new ways to annoy siblings. hahaha. sounds like a good week behind and some solid days ahead. enjoy!

  3. As much as I enjoyed the structure, what I liked even more was the variety of details you chose to include from the “ponytail bouncing” to “students always rise when you listen attentively,” there’s an interesting and engaging range of experiences and ideas to contemplate.

  4. This is such a wonderfully mindful writing exercise, and I have enjoyed them all. Kazoos, ponytails, and listening is my three-word takeaway today! Enjoy sleeping in tomorrow.

  5. Her blog mining has been terrific. I wonder how many blogs she reads to get inspired and how she keeps the mentor ideas organized. I’m pocketing this idea away too.

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