SOLC22: day 30, a successful dialogue

During morning circle, I asked, “what does it mean to be successful?”

J, K and E started off with the responses of “good grades, good college, good job.”

S said, “money,” and several others laughed and echoed his idea.

Then C said, “I think if I became very good at something. An expert, that would mean I’m successful.”

C called on me. After some thought, I said, “To be able to do something I loved.”

I passed it to M who said, “I would feel successful if I could give to other people who are in need. There are so many people who have so little. If I could give to them, that would mean I’m successful.”


After that, X said, “I want to do like M, and be in the MLB.” X passed it to G.

G said, “I wanna do like M, and be in the NBA.”

M’s idea was infectious. It made so much sense.

So often our morning circle brings out surprising and beautiful thoughts. Things I would never have anticipated.

These are moments of success doing something I love.

What does success mean for you?

12 thoughts on “SOLC22: day 30, a successful dialogue

  1. Such beautiful insights around a great question!

    Success… agree – getting to do something we love. And also being able to do something that makes a difference. You’re making your difference right there every day. And thank you for making a difference for me too. 💖

  2. Oh I love your morning meeting. What a way to foster a caring community of learners. Success for me is to be happy doing what I love while making a difference- that might be sharing or passing something on to others. Thanks for the thought provoking slice!

  3. Success is finding you – -I kept putting your name in and couldn’t find your comments the past few days. So happy to be here! Funny I also wrote about defining success. I think in this slice … success is your students passing to you. I love that they wanted to hear from you. A lovely example of a true learning community.

    • So glad you found me! I think the idea of what it means shows so much about the person and where they are in their life. Going to check on your slice!

  4. I am with the student who thought giving to others who have less is success. What a wise child! Your discussions sound like lots of fun and generating lots of thinking, that’s success too!

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