Celebrating Being Here

The first week back after a long holiday break is exhausting. Friday night I’m finding the same problems I’ve found for years anew. Teaching is a humbling career. I know I’ll never master the work. Still (and perhaps because of this), I’m glad I get to be here.

Inspired by Linda Baie’s post, my list poem celebrates moments spent in a messy, filled-to-the-brim classroom.

A list of goodness

  1. Smiling good mornings
  2. Hugging missed friends
  3. Returning to routines
  4. Opening a new (crack) book
  5. Deafening quiet of reading
  6. Caring arm around a grieving grandson
  7. Watching rain sheet down
  8. Disagreeing turn to debating
  9. High-fiving hard-won success
  10. Breaking-cloud sun
  11. Running (finally) on the playground
  12. Making sure he’s okay
  13. Discovering because of classmate’s idea
  14. Forgiving an unintended hurt
  15. Accepting it will never be done
  16. Tending to what matters most right now

Join in and celebrate the week with Ruth Ayers on her blog Discover, Play, Build.

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11 thoughts on “Celebrating Being Here

  1. Stamina for daily school days has to be rebuilt. Next Friday will be better. Your list brings back the joys of the community a classroom creates.

  2. I looked for the book Lisa mentioned & it sounds like one to read chapter by chapter, whenever needed! I’m glad I helped give you an “in” to today’s celebration. Yes, that week back is hard, and it seems that your weather added to the challenge. The three day weekend will be a help, won’t it? Have some R & R & play a little!

  3. That stamina thing- that Friday night feeling- I think I feel it every Friday, not just the one after the first week back…

    I love your list Julieanne. But then I always do love your posts because they are so full of insight and wisdom.

    And yes– we are living parallel lives. Hope all well in your corner.

  4. Your opening lines capture the feeling of the first week back so well. I love how you proceed to celebrate with the list, where each word is chosen carefully.

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