Post Op Celebrations

Thank you Ruth Ayers for creating a place to share celebrations. I look forward to it every week.celebrate link up

Today, I have a post op celebrations.

The Road to Recovery: My daughter got through the first few days of knee reconstruction surgery. It’s been painful and frightening for her and me. We got through the first day all based on belief — belief that it would get better. The second day pain was tolerable; not ready to give up painkillers yet, but not crying. Day three, sleeping till the next pain medication was doable. Day four, she could play with her kitty, and I could be in the next room. Celebrations happen amid the set backs, and hope for more celebrations keep us going.

Nurses Are Angels: Day-in-day-out dealing with patients in pain is a God given gift. I was amazed at the kindness we encountered at the hospital. Every nurse from check in to post op, handled my daughter with care. Once home, I have become that care giver. I can do it for my child. I can be at her beck and call. But it is exhausting. And there are times when, I just don’t know what to do. Last night we called on our neighbor at 9PM for her nursing help. She came to the rescue: concerned, compassionate, competent and loving. I celebrate all the nurses including my beautiful neighbor who care for those in pain.

Being a mom to a teenage daughter is an exercise in patience and maintaining a respectful distance. Closeness recedes. But when trouble happens, things change. The relationship reverts. Amid the worry and the fatigue is the opportunity to care for her in a way I haven’t had to do in a long time. Not that I’d wish this situation on anyone, never. But this week I celebrate the fact that I can care for her overtly. I celebrate being a mom.

17 thoughts on “Post Op Celebrations

  1. So glad to hear that the surgery went well, Julianne, and that your daughter is on the road to recovery. Funny how things revert from terrible teendom to bliss in times like this. Enjoy!

  2. I so understand your challenge during this adolescent recovery period. I am glad she is on the (long but sure) road to recovery. Hopefully there will be some quiet memorable good moments in the days ahead – games of Scrabble, Hearts, or Cribbage as the pain subsides and the recovery begins.

  3. Wonderful celebrations and I am so glad that your daughter is doing well. I would celebrate nurses too because I sure couldn’t be one! Have a great week.

  4. Much to celebrate! So glad your daughter in on the mend. Neighbors like yours are definitely a gift! Reasons enough to celebrate. Wishing you patience in the days to come.

    • Thank you! Patience was going to be my one little word! It is a mantra for me even though I didn’t choose that as a OLW. Thanks for you good thoughts.

  5. Oh, I’m happy that things are better, & I assume will continue for your daughter. I think nurses are wonderful. They were so tender and kind with my husband. I too can’t say enough about their care-giving & expertise. So glad you’re going to join us in the book sharing, Julieanne. I think it will be such fun! Hope your week next week is a good one!

    • Thanks Linda. Praying for day by day recovery! And I’m working on that list. I think that will be a great way to keep me accountable to those ever increasing piles of TBR books.

  6. This is beautiful Julieanne. I wish your daughter a speedy and complete recovery. My daughter is a pre-teen (almost 12) and I totally get what you mean about the relationship reverting when there are problems. You are obviously a great mom.

    • Thank you! You are so kind to say so. The tween/teen years are different with strong willed daughters. Love’m but they push back hard some times! (Loved hearing about your daughter and her reading.)

  7. Glad to hear your daughter is feeling better. I had a reverse of this nursing scenario when I was home with mom last week–the daughter waiting on the mother hand and foot. Not as stressful as nursing, but time-consuming. The kind of love a mother knows first and a daughter has to learn.

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