SOL16, Day 30: Before You Go

Back to school today.

I saw the look on a teacher’s face that said, oh to be home drinking a cup of coffee.  I felt it too. I got used to that other time zone. The zone that allows for deeper sleep with no alarm. When we set the worry and work aside for tomorrow. Over the break, there was enough time to get comfortable, to shop carefully, to stay up a little later, to finish that book, to wind down.

Work came home over the break. I don’t mean papers. I mean the whole child. They sit beside me as they learn. They’re in your thoughts and your heart. They own you. It is an honor. It is exhausting.

Kids are working hard too. They’re growing like crazy, and they’ve rested, recovered, and they’re back.  They’re twitching, readied for flight. They want to show their stuff, to take off. It’s time to get going. To finish it out.

I get it.

But, dear students, since you’re here, there are a few things we should do, before you go.


one more read aloud,
daily wonderings,
a month of poetry,
a few fantasy books.
a graphic novel or two,
lots of blog posts and comments,
two more field trips,
a few group projects,
a couple of speeches,
maybe a podcast,
lots of talk
a park day

Then you can go.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for the March Slice of Life Challenge. It has been a beautiful ride this month. Just one more to go. Hang on.
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20 thoughts on “SOL16, Day 30: Before You Go

  1. Sign me up for that park day too! Yes, the extra at home coffee is great and calm. But must admit I enjoyed my rushed, lost my cup four times, coffee back with all my little ones too! Loved these lines: “They’re twitching, readied for flight. They want to show their stuff, to take off. It’s time to get going. To finish it out.”

  2. I’ve got my share of “twitchers” in the room these days, and we don’t have April break for another few weeks. Welcome back!

  3. I like how you’re letting them know there’s much to be done before finishing the year…cleverly written! I know those twitchers too and they need lists to remind them of all that’s to be done…and the park day? That sounds awesome!

  4. It is always a weird transitional time of year, isn’t it? I need to keep in mind that we still have one-third of school left.

  5. Great post for the next to the last day of slicing! I love the embedded list poem and your final line – then you can go. Lots of exciting things to do before moving on. The end of a school year is bittersweet. I think the last day of #SOL16 will be bittersweet as well!

  6. Beautiful — the flow was perfect. I love: They own you. It is an honor. It is exhausting. They own you is the perfect description. An inspiration!

  7. I also am thinking about how to say goodbye to my students at the end of this quarter. After spring break it goes so fast.

  8. As I sit sipping my coffee slowly, I am in the midst of the spring break. Ah! I’ll go back next week to the twitching, the energy, the readiness for the end. It will come too quickly as always.

  9. We used to call it “the long slide”, so much to do that’s wonderful before you let them go. Beautiful, Julieanne. I hope you have a wonderful beginning starting “one more thing”.

  10. “Work came home over break. I don’t mean papers. I mean the whole child.” Whoa. That jumped out at me. That speaks so highly of how you view education as individualistic and yes, honorable. Of the hundreds of teaching slices I’ve read this month. That descript puts perspective on a calling like none other. I love this slice in whole put I found that part the most intriguing.

  11. You are a natural teacher, through and through. This is not just a job, but a passion when those children enter your heart and mind and travel with you, even beyond their year spent in your class. So much to do to finish out the year! Love that poem!

  12. Only a teacher like yourself could capture the “exhausting” and the “magic” of working with those young, precious lives. Like yourself, I always had big plans for the rest of the year, but somehow it all happened so quickly I was never able to complete “my list.” The end of the year always comes like a train pulling out of the station, then speeding along, and suddenly it stops! Enjoy those precious, exhausting weeks ahead.

  13. I love your list. It is that time of year. For me, 12 weeks, minus 3 days! And after today’s grade-level meeting, I think I can now create my own Just poem!! Thanks for the inspiration.

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