it’s been a long time

It’s been a long time for many things.
Almost a year since, I’ve found my way to this spot.
Almost a year since I’ve taught in a classroom.
More than a year since I’ve left the county I live in.

Things started to change on Friday.
Colleague after colleague texted, “Just got it!”

Saturday, I left my house at 9:35 a.m.
Three freeways, one bridge, and two left turns later, I found myself stopped at a red light.
Up ahead was the college and a line of cars that snaked up, past parking lots and brick buildings.

The light turned green and I crept forward.
I move as instructed until I’m asked, “Do you want to drive or walk up?”
My choice of walking up was met with, “Great! It will save you at least an hour! Just tell the person up ahead.”

The yellow card placed on my windshield was my ticket to the parking garage and the next set of instructions given by men and women in army fatigues. All of whom were kind, funny, and efficient.

“Go downstairs and follow the arrows.”

“Get your appointment number and ID ready.”

“Since you answered the questions on the form, has anything changed?”

“Date of birth?”

“Left or right arm?”

“Take this card and follow the tape.”

“Are you afraid of needles?”

“Check out at the table.”

“Do you have a second appointment scheduled?”

“Have a seat until the time on your wristband.”

At 10:41 a.m., I walked out of the parking garage where the team of army medics will deliver COVID vaccines to 8,000 people by the end of the day. I was grateful to be one of them. Each of us taking steps towards beginning again.

Here’s to new beginnings.
Here’s to the 2021 March Slice of Life.
For more slices, click here.

14 thoughts on “it’s been a long time

  1. I cannot tell you how excited I was to see your post in my inbox this morning! Welcome back! Here’s to new beginnings!

  2. Welcome back! How wonderful that you start the challenge with a vaccination post. Here’s to new beginnings!

  3. Hooray for the vaccine! What a wonderful way to start this month. I’m crossing my fingers that educators get this sooner rather than later in Canada, but right now it’s looking like summer…

  4. It’s so lovely to see you here, Julieanne! I was just remarking to my husband (this morning) that it’s lovely to see familiar faces pop up that I haven’t “seen” in 11 months. It’s a lovely little reunion!

    I’m thrilled for you to get your vaccination. Hearing about people getting their COVID-19 shots never grows old for me. 🙂

  5. I’m very amused at the two of us. I was SO CERTAIN I was not slicing this year. And then last night, I found myself signing up! I never get tired of hearing about people getting their vaccines either. I wasn’t expecting to get choked up in a parking garage while getting poked with a needle but the whole operation, so well organized, so serious, so necessary, was unexpectedly moving to me.

  6. What a surprise! I did not think you were leading to getting your vaccine, but what a great way to think of it – a new beginning! I get mine this Saturday and cannot wait. I love the story about the line and the decision to walk. I am always excited to hear about friends and colleagues who received their first and/or second vaccine. Great to hear yours!

  7. Whoop! Whoop! I love this post for so many reasons. Most of all because it means you are writing again. It’s been a long time. But it’s never too late.

  8. Your line “More than a year since I’ve left the county I live in.” got me thinking.
    It is so true. For so long, I’ve also gone nowhere and sadly not to Denver in Novembe rto present with you:(
    I love how you structured your piece by telling all the small details before telling us WHERE you were going. It definitely kept me reading! And 9,000 shots in a day. WOW! That’s a big detail.
    So glad we are slicing this March! “See” you back here tomorrow, my friend.

    • Your comment just gave me an idea for teaching for writing around summary. I know thrilling topic. But seriously, taking the little details together that add up to a big idea is something that maybe kids could latch onto. So good to see you here!

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