SOLC22, day 6: at this hour

At this hour
A splayed cat paw sends out all-is-safe waves.
An extra cup of coffee steams waiting for a sip.
Trailing pothos leaves receive the sun.
Laundry churns sorting out the weeks wear.
Bookmark pokes out at the halfway mark calling me back.

10 thoughts on “SOLC22, day 6: at this hour

  1. I loved this slice so much when I read my email this morning that I used it myself! I needed a quick one. I love how that bookmark is calling your name!

  2. Thank you for today’s inspiration! I needed something just right for a Monday morning when I still have to plan my classes and write my lesson plans. I love how meditative this piece feels.

  3. There’s peace in this piece, a moment caught in words, a pause before taking another sip and turning a page.

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