SOLC22; day 18, guilty pleasure

I got home from Open House, the first in two years, and found the usual.

I’m the worst when it comes to ordering books on Amazon. The click of a button on my phone is too easy. When it comes to books, I am guilty of the need for, or maybe habit of instant gratification. And in the process, I have contributed to the super wealth of Jeff Bezos and the decline of Western Civilization.

My excuse for this reprehensible behavior is because it is not for me, but for readers in my classroom.

Today’s package was different. I have no excuse.

I was unabashedly thrilled to find these books, all for me.

Thanks to Elisabeth Ellington’s Top Ten reads, my bedside table is comfortably stacked.

9 thoughts on “SOLC22; day 18, guilty pleasure

  1. Oh my goodness, look at that stack!! I really hope you will enjoy them–all very different, for very different reading moods. And how I could relate to every word of this post. I always have good intentions of divesting from the evil corporation, but then I find myself click clicking and another box is on its way. My most recent purchase was the new PD book, Teach Living Poets, to prep for my new unit on Clint Smith’s Counting Descent (a few more copies of Counting Descent will also be making their way to my door this weekend!).

    • I find that I my brain craves different types of reads. And I love having a stack of books waiting for when a particular mood strikes. Thank you for feeding my needs!

  2. I think there should be a support group for people who identify with “The click of a button on my phone is too easy.” I use the click to add books to my Kindle. The physical books i try to buy form my favourite independent bookstore. To satisfy my book box opening needs, our Librarian allows me to do it at school.

    • Agreed! Do you think we could create that support group virtually? Like those on line therapists I keep hearing ads for? I love how you handle the need to open boxes.

  3. Happy Reading! I, too, love buying books and do feel guilty if I must go to Amazon. I had a wonderful independent book store that went out of business, so alas, I have to seek out other options. I’m always looking for recommendations so thanks for these.

    • I have a vision of living in a place with an independent book store that was under a 30 minute drive. Even though I live in Los Angeles, a decent book store is quite a trek. I need to reconnect with library. The pandemic has gotten me out of that habit!

  4. I, too, contribute too much to Amazon…but I’d like to think as long as we keep reading and filling our brains with knowledge that we can keep civilization afloat for at least a bit longer! Love this slice and hope you enjoy your new book stack!

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