SOLC: day 24, just because

I found a love letter in front of my classroom door this morning. The thoughtfulness of this bowled me over.

Just because… the note starts.

To have someone in your life that knows you well enough to find something that yes, you will love. And then, goes to the extent to get and give. Well, that is something. An over the top, completely unnecessary kind of care and love.

Unnecessary but necessary because everyone needs to get this kind of unexpected gift. One that shows you are being thought of —- your presence in the world is noted.

Think about people who you could give this kind of love to. It is deeply appreciated.

Currently dreaming about that trip to New York with my dear friend.

7 thoughts on “SOLC: day 24, just because

  1. “Unnecessary yet necessary” seems to be the perfect words to describe our lives these last two years. What a special gift. It makes me want to send a “just because” gift.

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