SOLC22: day 31, 31 things I learned

One of the things I appreciate about blogging is the opportunity to reflect.
So for the last day of March 2022, I listed the 31 things I learned and/or relearned this month. Some need explanation. I’ll save that for future posts.

About my writing

  1. Mentor texts are essential.
  2. Whatever I’m reading reverberates in my brain and comes out in my writer’s stance/voice.
  3. My writing territories include cats, students, books and gardens.
  4. I don’t do enough notebooking.
  5. Writing with my students allowed for self reflection.
  6. I can write on my phone.
  7. Photographs provide entry points.
  8. My favorite time to write is Saturday morning.
  9. Interaction with other writers always inspires.
  10. Goal setting is about resetting and adjusting daily goals with the end goal in mind.

About teaching writing

  1. Mentor texts should change as student expectations/goals grow.
  2. Sentence starters are not to be avoided, but to be abandoned.
  3. How’s it going my favorite way to start a writing conference.
  4. Varying the pace of student’s drafting/revision cycle can be powerful.
  5. Students’ ability to feel comfortable with choice varies.
  6. Student writing spotlights parts unseen.
  7. There is never too much notebooking.
  8. Poetry seeps into writing even if you only teach it once a week.
  9. Holding students close to a mentor text can reap rewards.
  10. Memoir has become one of my favorite units to teach.

About myself

  1. I admit I could be wrong more than ever before.
  2. I question myself less.
  3. I care less about what others think.
  4. I worry that I care less about what others think.
  5. I’m finding ways to avoid adding more without feeling guilty about it.
  6. I prefer quiet spaces.
  7. In spite of number 6, I love being with children.
  8. Teachers are my second favorite group of humans, children being my first.
  9. I seek out story in all forms.
  10. There are never too many books.

About this year’s Slice of Life Challenge

  1. Even though I questioned my ability to continue, I am so glad I did.

Sending out gobs of gratitude to
the Two Writing Teachers blogging team
and all of those who participated.
It was an honor.

16 thoughts on “SOLC22: day 31, 31 things I learned

  1. Greta reflections! I am curious which ones need explanations. Hopefully you’ll expand upon them in future slices.

  2. Wonderful reflections! I was surprised that this year I to say writing on my phone!

    The interaction is great!

    Your student conference thoughts were appreciated. Inspiring me to take my conferring up a notch.

  3. So many things you learned that I could identify with. Here are my favorites: “Interaction with other writers always inspires.” I agree wholeheartedly. And “There are never too many books.” Here’s one that deserves another slice because we want to know more – “Poetry seeps into writing even if you only teach it once a week.”
    So glad you continued this year. Thanks for visiting Nora Elizabeth’s post. You’re the best!

  4. Wow! What an amazing reflection! I love that you are growing as a person, and as a reading and writing teacher.

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. I’m so glad we continued–though I am also looking forward to having more time for other writing, reading, and letter writing starting tomorrow. I love the one about photographs–thinking I need to use photos more often with my students as entry points for writing. And yes, for the first time ever, I started 2 or 3 of my posts writing on my phone, because it’s what I happened to have available. I really enjoyed reading your insights here–and I would also love to hear more about poetry seeping into other writing.

  6. I’m glad you stuck it out. The world needs your writing, even if you don’t believe it. I’ve enjoyed sharing this challenge with you.

  7. This is a fabulous list of lessons. I like your “I care less about what others think.” It shows you know who you are. Don’t let the worry take it away.

  8. I love your list reflection! I enjoyed writing with you this month!! News – I found out today my proposal to present about Teacher Research was accepted for NCTE2022 Anaheim. I hope we can cross paths in November in CA. I’d love to see you in person!!

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