SOLC22: day 27, falling in love again

I have had many relationships. When I was younger I’d switch it up daily. Sure it could be a bit unsettling but that was half the fun.

Then there were children. Overburdened with their needs, I got practical. They had to do the job.

Then when the children needed me less, I became independent again and reverted a bit to my old ways. Trying out various options. Eventually I settled. Matured. I’d switch once a year. Sort of like daylight savings.

Currently, my relationships have hit a rocky patch. We’ve had a good run. but it’s time to move on.

For the past few years I’ve had a steady relationship with two perfect handbags. Not too big or too small. Goldilocks bags.

My black bag, being black, will go on for decades. But my tan bag is a more delicate creature. No one has mentioned it, but it is showing its age. I have been searching for a replacement for years. I had yet to find one, until last week.

I wasn’t looking for it. I just happened to be scrolling through my Target app and up popped a tan crossbody bucket bag. Probably won’t work I thought. Probably will look awful. Thinking, I can always return it, I clicked on ship it.

Two days later it appeared in a plastic bag on my porch. I wasn’t bowled over. It looked flatter in real life. And longer. Not a good beginning. But I’d give it a try.

Test number one: It must hold the necessary without excess room. Pulling out the stuffing, I loaded up the contents of my black bag. Everything fit, nothing stuck out and there wasn’t room for me to add in excess junk (I have that tendency). With this test one passed, I decided to take the $30 risk.

Test number two: It must be able to work with others. Because I’m not always keen on draping a bag across my body, it must stay on my shoulder without adjustment. Nothing is worse than when your shoulder bag slips down to your forearm when carrying book bags and a lunch bag. Last Thursday and Friday, new tan bag passed with flying colors. No slipage.

Test number three. It must allow easy access to what I need. I must be able to see and grab needed item without having to empty the contents. This test required running errands. Grocery shopping, Office Depot, both gratifying stops. Then walking out to the car I heard my phone. Open, peek, grab. Easy.

I think I’m falling in love.

This post was inspired by Nina Stibbe’s handbag letter to her sister in Love, Nina and Kristi Lonheim’s letter to SB

4 thoughts on “SOLC22: day 27, falling in love again

  1. You grabbed my attention and I laughed when I realized you were talking about a purse. Such a fun slice for a Sunday afternoon. Thanks for the smile!

  2. Super clever, Julieanne! I was confused at first, and then I understood, and I completely understand the relationship you have between handbags. Good luck with this continuing relationship!

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